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If you need some help taking care of all of your emails, a Firefox add-on like WebMail Notifier might be what you need. WebMail Notifier is very discreet on your browser - just a tiny little envelope indicating the number of new mails. Right-clicking on the icon will bring up your accounts and the number of new mails in each. Clicking on the account names will open them, either in a new window or a new tab. There are a few interesting options here, including the facility to add or remove accounts, change the schedule on which WebMail Notifier checks for new mail, as well as customizing the notification options.

WebMail Notifier is fast and functional. It's also very easy to configure and set up, but even so, it has no revolutionary features and isn't very slick looking. It does what it says it will, but nothing more and, for now at least, wouldn't convince me to give up my current method - notification via an instant messaging service. WebMail Notifier checks your webmail accounts and notifies the number of unread emails. You can use multiple accounts in a same host.

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What Happened?. When I first started using this program years ago it was the best thing since sliced bread. Now, it doesn't work half t he time. What happened?

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It just doesn't work anymore and I've had to uninstall it!!!! It doesn't work half the time More.

USB Webmail Notifier

What do you think about WebMail Notifier? Do you recommend it? With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions.

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Run the downloaded file and perform installation. WebMail Notifier is very discreet on We also develop Apps to speed-up production testing. Please find some examples in the followings. Install the included software, plug in the Rocket Launcher, and with degree horizontal rotation and 45 degree vertical rotation, the USB Rocket Launcher can fire over six meters, giving you coverage for over square meters of your workspace.

This USB Webmail Notifier connects to your private email account when you can not, and let's you know what is going on! It suports gmail, yahoo, outlook, outlook express and POP3 account and it works in the background to inform you every time you receive a personal email and even the capacity of unread emails!

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