Mac os x lion taskbar for windows 7

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This way you can still be familiar with the computer usage as it is still Windows except the interface resembles Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Instead of just changing the Windows color, sound, screen saver and wallpaper like what most of other themes do, this skin pack comes with 3rd party utilities to emulate the unique features found only in Mac OS X. The installation of this skin pack is really easy as everything is automated including the patching of uxtheme.

Simply download the installer, run it and restart your computer when setup has completed.

One thing you should take of during installation is to uncheck all 3 boxes when it asks to install IncrediBar which is not needed for this Mountain Lion Skin Pack to work. The Skin Pack Menu automatically runs whenever Windows is booted up.

Generally this menu is not needed during startup and can be disabled from automatically launching by deleting the SkinPackMenu shortcut from the Startup folder in Start Menu. Although this Mountain Lion Skin Pack is so far the most complete theme, but do take note that it loads an additional 10 processes which requires additional memory usage and more time to bootup. After uninstalling the theme, the Taskbar will end up at the top instead of bottom.

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To access more settings, click on "Customize. In these tabs, you can change the dock and notification size, dock theme, dock transparency, how animations work, the font, size, and color of app labels, the size of icons, and the quality of picture and transition smoothness.

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Through the settings, I increased the magnification, made the dock icons a bit larger, changed the font, and made the background completely transparent, as you can see below. Pretty cool, right? The only thing I wish it had was an option to use Windows icon for apps instead of Mac icons. With the Mac icons, it can be pretty confusing if you're not familiar with them already.

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