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June 30, at June 30, at 1: The top surface extends down over much of the left and right side of the mouse as well. By flicking up, you can trigger the Go Forward action; flicking down with the thumb triggers Go Back.

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Two finger gestures are used for window management, meaning there are various two finger gestures related to minimizing, maximizing, and snapping the currently selected window. To maximize the window, sweep two fingers vertically "up" on the mouse towards the front. To minimize or restore a maximized window , sweep two fingers "down" the mouse towards you.

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To snap a window to either edge of the screen, sweep two fingers left or right, respectively. If the current window is already snapped, it will move to the correct "next" position, if that makes sense. These gestures are interesting because there is no similar functionality on most mice; I instead use keyboard commands to achieve these results. You can also click window buttons and drag and drop windows as well, of course.

And they do work well enough. Here, we get into interesting territory, and not just because I have large hands.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse on Mac Book Pro?

You can use three finger swipes to manage all of the onscreen windows at once, albeit in limited fashion. If you swipe down on the mouse surface towards you , all windows will be minimized, showing the desktop. Which is pretty dumb, frankly, since the mouse doesn't offer any way to reverse what you just did.

An upwards three finger swipe is likely to be more controversial. In the user guide, this gesture is referred to as "show all open windows," which is true enough, but it's not the opposite of Show Desktop.

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And to be a bit fair, Microsoft has offered views like this as part of previous versions of its mouse software. It just shows whatever windows are open, and lets you navigate to one by clicking it. As I noted previously, there's no gesture that will reverse the Show Desktop action, but this display will at least show you minimized windows, so you can use it to manually find the one you want and click on it. OK, so we have one, two, and three finger gestures, and depending on how you count, it's basically seven or eight things to remember, which is probably on the high end of expectations for the typical Windows user.

How does this compare to what Apple offers natively in Lion? Just looking at Apple's Lion promotional materials , there's a lot more in OS X, including application switching, tap and pinch zooming, application launching, and more.

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  4. It's just the more mature system when it comes to multi-touch. Jan 5, Page content loaded. Nov 21, 5: Ask Microsoft. Nov 23, 7: My bluetooth mouse will not stay connected to my mac. You did it! Then, I upgraded OS to Sierra again. And it works fine! Nov 26, 4: Jan 6, 5: I'd love to get my hands on one from a working machine to test something. I've tested some edits in the past that got the Arc Touch to be recognized as a mouse, I am wondering if manually adding in the full configuration would make it work even if just until the next re-pair.

    Barry, it's unlikely this is a MS problem, and there would be nothing they could do anyway; there's nothing to update. Besides, not only the mouse works fine in both Windows and Linux, it also worked in El Capitan. The issues started after the upgrade to Sierra. Apr 3, 7: Hello, have you solved your problem? I am experiencing the same problem.

    I waited a few months to see if Microsoft would publish an updated driver, but nothing was done. Now I have a "beautiful" mouse that does not work with Sierra Thank you, Eduardo. Apr 4,