Delete open apps on mac

Be very careful when typing the following command:.

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As of Mac OS X Mac OS X may automatically reinstall these applications in the future when you update the system, anyway. Image Credit: Daniel Dudek-Corrigan on Flickr.

1. Via Login Items in Users & Groups

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How To View And Kill Processes on your Mac

Smarthome Office Security Linux. News Features Reviews. Through the list of actions shown in the middle window, find "Quit All Applications," then double-click it to create a window on the right side of Automator. Put a check next to "Ask to save changes" if you want certain apps with unsaved data to prompt you to save changes before they close.

4 ways to Force Quit an app on your Mac

If not, keep that unchecked. If you want certain applications to remain open while all others close, add them to the "Do not quit" list. Click on "Add Find the Quit application in Finder and place it on either your desktop or your dock. I chose to place it on the far-right of the dock, next to a few other utilities I use regularly. Basically, stacks are really just folders located in the Dock.

4 ways to Force Quit an app on your Mac - CNET

By default, users will usually have a Downloads stack. Based on the image you've included in your question, it looks like the items to the right of your separator are actually minimised app windows.

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  5. These windows appear there when you choose to 'minimise' them, as opposed to closing them. In other words, the 12 icons you have between your Downloads stack and your Trash can are actually windows you still have open in their various apps, but they've been minimised instead of closed.

    Reversing the process

    When you choose to minimise a window by clicking on the amber button at top left, it minimises into the dock at the righthand side of the separator at left of the Trash can. The purpose of this is to give you quick access to it again without having to relaunch the app or reload the website, etc. If you want to actually close the window, click on the red button at top left instead.

    If you want to quit the app altogether, you need to use the command Q shortcut or select Quit from the application's name menu. Since this separator is part of macOS and its purpose is to separate stacks, minimised windows and the Trash, there is no way to remove it. Your only option would be to investigate using 3rd party software to see if any of them will meet your needs.

    Below are some examples for you to investigate further:.