Reinstall firefox without losing bookmarks mac

You can only restore the backup file manually, and that file is frequently overwritten. Firefox also performs regular, automatic bookmark backups. Firefox keeps the backups for several days and allows you to easily restore bookmarks without digging around in hidden folders.

How to Recover Firefox Bookmarks From a Mac Hard Drive

If your finger slips, you could delete an entire folder full of bookmarks with no obvious way to recover them. Chrome saves a single backup of your bookmarks file, and it overwrites that backup each time you launch Chrome. The folder contains two bookmark files—Bookmarks and Bookmarks. If you need more details, check out our guide to making Windows show file extensions.

Re-open Firefox and close the file explorer window. Firefox will automatically create a new preferences file for your profile.

Method 3. Manually backing up your profile will allow you to store all of your Firefox profile settings and preserve them in case your profile becomes corrupted or you are planning to reinstall Firefox or use Firefox a different computer with your settings.

This method allows you to backup content such as add-ons that Firefox does not provide backups for. You can open this tab in one of two ways. Locate and open your profile folder. Your active profile configuration and settings are located in this folder. Go up one level of the folder structure to see the different folders for each profile used in Firefox.

Double click on the profile folder you want to create a backup for. Back up your profile. In the file explorer, open your profile folder. Copy the files then paste it into a different folder.

Export Bookmarks

Label the folder as a backup of your Firefox profile. Once the content has been copied over, you can remove the content located in your profile to refresh its settings when Firefox is launched. Do not delete the parent profile folder otherwise you will need to create a new profile to store the content in.

How To Reinstall Firefox On Windows 10 Without Losing Data

You can store your backup folder anywhere on your computer or on removable storage such as a USB drive. Restore your profile content from your backup folder. If you are restoring to the same profile and Firefox has not been reinstalled, you can copy files over that you would like to preserve including bookmarks, extensions and themes.

Navigate to the backup folder of your profile and move files from your backup folder over to your Firefox profile the content belongs to.

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Restore your profile content to a new installation of Firefox. If you want to move your profile to a different computer or if you reinstalled Firefox, transferring your old profile will require you to create a new profile. Make sure Firefox is not currently running. Create a new profile by following the prompts given by Firefox.

Place the contents of the profile with the content from your backup folder. Restart Firefox for your changes to take effect. For Linux, open the terminal execute cd Change program directory then type in.

Keep Bookmarks Intact

When you get the following screen, uncheck Restore default settings and remove old add-ons for optimal performance option. You can now check if all your passwords, bookmarks, and other data are present now. All data should be there as you left before. Great and simple tutorial! I would like to add 2 things: Both looked like were installed in the same location.

Reset Firefox without reinstalling

So I selected to uninstall the greater version and the older entry disappeared as well. Instead of that as soon as I started Firefox, I got a bar at the bottom that was requesting my input to restore my settings.

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