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Yeah these three sites have saved me a ton of time. The days of creating documents from scratch are over! These are great resources for general documents and the like, but if you need legally reviewed business document templates, consider giving http: Another site that is up and coming and I like using it better is docshare.

Scribd was letting backlinks concernment pages, but does not sanction factual anymore. Since January of they weird their policy. Their sites foundry skookum also does an first-class concern uploading also translating documents from variant formats. I am stir to deem to tryout a easily done with the incommensurable two. Thanks for Sharing,i think it will be a great idea and will also helpful in our Small business plan.. You can also try anydocs.

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Legal documents, business documents, rental and tenancy agreements etc are all available for free. Scribd was letting backlinks into pages, but does not allow it anymore. Since January of they changed their policy. Their sites works great and does an outstanding job uploading and translating documents from various formats.

I am going to have to experiment a little with the other two. I've found the documents at free-legal-document. Gazhoo will be interesting to watch over time as it is the newest of the 3 sites.

How to Configure Microsoft Word for Mac to Launch with a New Document

They have come up with a business model that makes sense for users; financial incentive to sellers; access to quality documents for cheap for buyers. This is the start of something. Great article.

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We decided to concentrate on post production interactivity. Therefore the output of all documents in http: Whilst we do have consumer oriented documents, our focus is on servicing businesses.

Create and use your own template in Office for Mac

Best regards Manoj. Pretty useless then. Well, most of the windows folks still use Powerpoint, Word and Excel. On top of that OpenOffice supports them as well. Thanks for sharing. I only knew about Scrib. Now I can upload on more sources yey! I wonder if I can save PSD photoshop format there.

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  • Anyway, grate post! I've used http: Docstoc is a rip-off of Scribd. Gazhoo is a little different in that it's a marketplace where uploaders are selling their documents.

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    • Scribd and Docstoc are similar services but each serves different needs. If you do, the last person to log off in the afternoon sets up Word for everyone the next morning. Entertaining, but not very convenient. You should never add any type of text to your Normal template, which is the default basis for all types of documents.

      Office for iPad and Mac For Dummies

      You may think you want your new documents to have page numbers and a footer with your name, but trust me, it will mess up your labels and envelopes. Create your own Custom Templates to achieve that type of efficiency. Don't create a document and try to save it as a template named Normal. If Word can't find a Normal template when it starts up, it will create one which you can then customize if you wish. That's the only correct way to create a Normal template — by letting Word do it. Return to Top Restoring Customizations Saved in Normal Customizations to your Normal Template — such as styles, macros and AutoText — can be copied from an old corrupt Normal to a newly created Normal by following the procedure below.

      Close all open documents. Change the Show drop-down list to Word Templates or you will not be able to select the Normal Template. Choose Normal or Normal. Check in the Title Bar at the top of the Word window. This is what will happen if you try to open it by double-clicking from the Finder sorry — you have to follow these instructions carefully Start again. The right window of the Organizer should be blank. Click the button on the right , regardless of its label.

      You should now be able to see your old Normal Template in the directory; if you cannot, search until you find it. Choose it, and Open it. At the top of the Organizer dialog, above both windows, there is a row of tabs, one for each kind of resource the Organizer can copy. Click the tab for the kind of item you want to bring back.

      Click the Styles tab. Organizer now shows you a list of the items available within each kind if you clicked the Styles tab in the previous step, you see a list of the styles in each template. The left window lists the items in your new template, the right window lists the items in the old template.

      How to Create Word Templates on Your Mac - dummies

      In the right-hand window , choose the item s you want to restore. The other invoice templates you could have used appear on the right side of the window, and all the other template categories appear in the list on the left. The template you chose opens. None of the views, except Print Layout and Publishing Layout, display the graphic images on your page.

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