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Someone please let me know if you know anything at all. Been stuck on this for days. You mean CC objects like chairs, pictures etc? You just download the. Heheh, glad you found it! I do know that you need to have more than one of the. I had someone ask me to clear up something on download and using mods with TS4. Is there anything in particular that I need to do? Do they need to be unzipped, if so with what program?

Re: The Sims 4 CC Hair- Blonde Streaks Bug (FIX)

Just a reminder that some mods do in fact stay IN a. Download Stuffit Expander from the App Store and then use it to unzip the. The package files should be in the unzipped folder. I would suggest Zipeg or StuffIt Expander. If it was a. Hi, I was wondering how you install custom eyes but so they appear in the default eye colouring instead of as contact lenses. Defaults are overrides, so technically, once you move the. Do you know anything about this topic? What am I supposed to do now? Hey, I have been able to get as far as getting my.

The Recourse. What am I supposed to do? You do NOT need to open the. But really, you have no reason to open the resource.

How to download Custom Content for sims 3 ON MAC!!!! MAC ONLY!

Okay, thank you. I dragged the. Maxis does not pre-screen or support mods. When I went into create a sim mode neither of my mods were there. You can choose to not see it the next time it pops up. Should be the first picture on this page. So I got everything right, but it seems like I am still having trouble with my mods. When I launch the game I get the message showing all of the stuff I have put into my mods folder. I also have made sure to click on the enable script.

I am missing a step or is my game bugged? I could suggest restarting the game to see if that works, or taking all of the CC out and putting back in to see if that works. The second post on that page is this exact same guide, so if worst comes to worst, you can just try following that again. But yeah, just try and start it all over again. Or try the guide on my tumblr first post.

Is there a program that you know of that will help delete cc files easily instead of just going into the folders and doing it by eye? I know it can be frustrating though, especially when you have quite a bit of CC. Makes things just a tiny bit easier, even though everything else is still a mess. Usually, I just wait a few days after a patch has been released then go back to modthesims or wherever I downloaded a mod that tends to need updating sometimes, depending on what the patch fixes and check the notes on the download page. Hopefully that makes sense. It can be time consuming, opening up the game all the time and if yours is a cow like mine and only opens HALF the time through origin… I get the feeling , but it works.

CC can cause games to crash. Sometimes items can look odd in CAS but work fine in game, but mostly not.

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So, good call with narrowing it down and taking it out. You beat me too it, haha! I was literally just about to press post before I checked my emails again. Some of them I have made myself. Instructions on how to find the mods folder are clearly outlined. Hello, I have a mac and have tried several inteen mods but they are messing up my game. Any suggestions? This is a great article.

So The problem that i am having is my game is crashing when i re-open my orgin because of adding mods or cc. Or I have the 9 day pregnancy mod is installed but my sims are only pregnant for the stand maxis days. A LOT of custom content and mods stopped working with the toddlers patch. As far as lots not showing up, have you selected the option in the filter sidebar on the left to show those containing CC?

Okay so I went through all of the steps carefully and opened up to see if any of the Custom Content was there and none of it is? But seriously, is the Mod compatible with the latest version of the game? Hi, do you know of any program to test my cc and mods? If I have to check each individual file I may not be able to play before easter. Move them out then back into the Mods folder in small batches, testing to see if the game loads after each batch.

You probably have some that are not compatible with the latest patch. How can I make things work now? That folder is generated the first time you launch the game. Mods are the same unless you have to put them in the game files. Have you redownloaded the CC and tried it again?

itsaprilXD’s How to install Mods on a Mac Guide – The Sims 4 – BluebellFlora

The Origin and Sims 4 Apps are in your Applications folder, a completely different location. They go in the mods folder. Or b you have them in zipped files. I did the recent update , everything is gone i had a backup and that disappeared , i uninstalled the game and re installed it i put the mods folder back where it should be , but now the mods window, is not showing in my start up screen. Have you checked your iCloud settings? I had all my saves and mods from over 1 year of playing so i would like to put it in my new mac, i already installed the sims 4 from origin but i cannot find the electronic arts or sims 4 folder… the game works; but there are no folders on the mac so i dont know how to put my saved games and mods!!!!

How do I get this? You can leave them in the folders. I personally have folders for each creator in my Mods folder then additional folders within for each set. Hi, i really need help. I have been trying to download a house for the sims 4 on a mac for about an hour.

I cannot figure out how to do it. I do not know how to unzip a file and all that, please help me!!! Here you go — https: I recently got a new macbook air to play the sims on as my macbook pro was getting to slow. When I set up my new computer it placed the sims in the icloud and I was storing it all in there and it was working fine, however I only had limited space for cc.

I took it out of the cloud and it went into the icloud drive and from then on my cc stopped working in the game. Could it be because the cc are being installed in a different place making it not compatible with the sims? Its now just downloaded normally onto my laptops actual hard drive and not the icloud but maybe the download are going there?

You must have the storing of your Documents folder in the cloud disabled in iCloud Drive. Hi there!

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I have the script reader enabled and the files in the mods folder but when i go to play the game none of my mods begin working, im not sure what i did wrong. I have a MacBook Pro. Become a VIP member now Proceed to download. Not a Member yet? Click here to Register now. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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