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Most users will be interested in the following:. By default Package Control checks for new versions on startup.

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This setting, plus the list of channels and repositories are managed through the Settings. Most users will be interested in the following: Install Package Show a list of all available packages that are available for install.

Download and Install the Package for Sublime Text

This will include all of the packages from the default channel , plus any from repositories you have added. Add Repository Add a repository that is not included in the default channel. This allows users to install and automatically update packages from GitHub and BitBucket. BitBucket repositories should use the format https: Other Commands Add Channel Adds another channel that lists repositories.

This is uncommon, but allows users to create a custom channel of repositories to share.

My Sublime Text 3 Setup

Create Package File For package developers. Takes a package folder and generates a. Create Binary Package File For package developers.

How to install & use Package Control | Scott Granneman

Creates a. Install Package , select this by clicking it or hit enter.

  • Install Package Control in Sublime Text 3!
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  • The box will momentarily disappear while it downloads the latest list of packages available. Once the dropdown reappears you can search for plugins and pressing enter on the one you want to install, and voila! There are three major pieces to this puzzle when it comes to changing the admittedly ugly default appearance of Sublime.

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    • Basic Functionality?
    • Installation.
    • How to install & use Package Control.
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    • The first is Colour scheme , which covers the colour of the syntax highlighting of your files. The second is Theme which is responsible for the sidebar, tabs and all other panels.

      Install the Package Control package

      My recommendation is to find a matching theme and colour scheme as this obviously results in the most elegant looking solution. The third consideration when customising the appearance of Sublime is your user settings file. This will prevent you from losing your settings every time Sublime updates which will restore any setting in the default file back to the the default options.