Mac keyboard shortcuts for photoshop cc

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop CC

As start drawing a selection or shape, press the space bar while keeping the left mouse button held down, and reposition the selection or shape. The caps lock key will change your cursor from crosshairs to brush shape and vice-versa. Switching to a crosshair cursor for precision work can be useful, but the main reason this shortcut is listed here is because it trips so many people up when they accidentally press the caps lock key and then can't figure out how to get the cursor back to their preferred style.

The quickest way to zoom in and out is to hold the Alt key while rolling the scroll wheel on your mouse , but if you need to zoom in and out in precise increments the following shortcuts are worth remembering:. The Ctrl-Z shortcut performs "undo" in most programs, but in Photoshop , that keyboard shortcut only goes back one step in your editing process. If you want to undo multiple steps, get in the habit of using Alt-Ctrl-Z instead so you can hit it repeatedly to go back many steps. After you have made selection, at some point you are going to need to deselect it. You'll use this one a lot, so you may as well memorize it.

By adding the Shift key, you can adjust brush hardness. Filling areas with color is a common Photoshop action, so it helps to know the shortcuts for filling with the foreground and background colors. Add the Shift key to preserve transparency while filling with the foreground or background color.

Adobe Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Knowing the shortcuts in Photoshop is a very good and efficient way of sparing some few seconds at mostly each command. There you have them, the most important and probably the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop CS6 on both Windows and Mac. The differences between the current shortcuts and the ones from the previous versions are not very big, so if you have a grip of those back in CS6, you will most definitely be able to use them in the last Photoshop version too. All you have to do is to pick the elements you like best and combine them.

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60 Photoshop shortcuts to speed up your workflow

Small Caps: Command H Auto leading: Command Shift Option A 0 for tracking: Command Option Shift H. Cycle through blending modes: Shift Option N Dissolve: Shift Option I Behind Brush tool only: Shift Option Q Clear Brush tool only: Shift Option R Darken: Shift Option K Multiply: Shift Option M Color Burn: Shift Option B Linear Burn: Shift Option A Lighten: Shift Option G Screen: Shift Option S Color Dodge: Shift Option D Linear Dodge: Shift Option W Overlay: Shift Option O Soft Light: Shift Option F. Hard Light: Shift Option H Vivid Light: Shift Option V Linear Light: Shift Option J Pin Light: Shift Option Z Hard Mix: Shift Option L Difference: Shift Option E Exclusion: Shift Option X Hue: Shift Option U Saturation: Shift Option T Color: Shift Option C Luminosity: Shift Option Y Desaturate Sponge tool: Shift Option D Saturate Sponge tool: Shift Option S Threshold for bitmap images: Shift Option N.

Editors Keys Silicone Keyboard Shortcut Cover Review (Mac)

Switch between open documents: Command Tab Redo Last Filter: Shift Tab. Hold Control Hide all other layers: Dodge or Burn Tool must be active Shadows: Shift Option S Midtones: Shift Option M Highlights: Shift Option H Keyboard Shortcuts panel: Command Option Shift K To check or set your own custom shortcuts. M Liquify Load Last Mesh: M Mirror Tool: X Crop Tool Commit crop: I Creative Cloud only Print Clear print settings: Z Control shortcuts Preview: A Hidden shortcuts not visible in interface Toggle transparent matte: Diggin' these tutorials?

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