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I have seen it on some of my friends page. I ask them what is it and they said they didn't know. It's just from some kind of random post which they click and now they have on there wall. The result of this scam are it auto like post, you will not be able to unlike certain post, auto like spammy post and so on. They also use the name of the founder of facebook to make bold claim of there attack so very careful on clicking random videos on your wall.

Don't just click suspeded spam post like those post who has very attractive title like suide,burning people, child eat by crocodile at alike. This titles makes very curious promoting you to click those post. Yuo may report this kind of post to facebook so they can act quickly and block this spammers. A socket on a computer used to connect a modem, data acquisition terminal or other device via a serial interface one data bit following the other. All modem release today has a serial port debugging capability.


In our case we have the hauwei modem bmm and bmm, other device such bm and bmi also have this but you need a soldering skills to perform this. Wonderful whoever this person who thanks he his now a hacker after just doing this. All i can say Conrgatulation NOB. Some of us has forgotten to save the default mac of this particular modem. The result is we are unable to access our gui with admin privilege. This is because even if we change mac address the default password will remain default no matter how many times you change mac address.

That's how import the default mac address this new modem with new firmware. Lucky for you there's a way to get back the default mac address. Log-in with admin privilege.


Open your modem telnet. Log-in to telnet or SSH. A lot of tools has come out to help us ease the pain of manually finding live mac address. Paid or not we can never know if they creator of this software has put a backdoor on his software and it was hidden so no antivirus can detect it and they claim it was false positive alert. We can use some dissasembly software i recommend. Just drag the files on to the software and it will automatically read the code from there navigate to each of the code to find the backdoor usually an email address it there and SMTP. The method i used to fixed my BMm with unidentified IP address which start Used the winspreader you need a tar.

Open the file select your network card click start. Connect your modem to your computer LAN cable. Then turn if on wait for 1 minute or 2. In order for the winspreader to work properly you need to put it on your desktop and also the firmware.

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Once you see the steady light unplug your modem wait for at least 1 minute. After a minute plug your modem wait for it it will take about minute to finish it process.

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If you did this correctly you will now have a valid IP back to default. If your modem was remoted you will see on your MAC address a text or a Your next step now it to access your telnet to change the mac address.

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If you knew the mac address before it was remote you can just generate the admin password then access your modem and open the telnet. Then Change Mac. Debug console needs a hardware and a proper knowledge to access it. The purpose is to reconnect your disconnected modem. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Embed this content in your HTML.

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New Wimax Mac Address. Globe Wimax Mac Address mbps. List of macaddress for wimax. Wimax Hunter Tool For V.

P -8 Mbps- Snipe. KeNi tamu kapampangan "Wimax" users. Help po mga boss 5 to 8 mbps mac pahingi po.. Changing Mac Address Bm i n Live Mac Address as of October Globe wimax bmi , mac address changer script. Credits to the Author.

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