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You may see your desktop disappear and reappear when you execute these commands; this is normal.

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Now that the Finder is displaying hidden files and folders, just what can you see? The answer depends on the specific folder you're looking at, but in just about every folder, you'll see a file named. More important than the ubiquitous.

The Easiest Way to Show Hidden Files on Mac

The Library folder contains many files and folders that relate to specific apps and services that you use on your Mac. For example, have you ever wondered where your email messages are stored?

How to Show or Hide Hidden Files and Folders on macOS

If you use Mail, you'll find them in the hidden Library folder. Go ahead and look around the Library folder, but don't make any changes unless you're having a specific problem that you're attempting to fix. Now that you can see all the hidden folders and files in the Finder say that three times fast , you'll probably want to hide them again, if only because they tend to clutter up Finder windows with extraneous items.

The hidden files are once again hidden. No hidden folder or file was harmed in the making of this Mac tip.

How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on Your Mac

If the power of the Terminal app intrigues you, you can find out more about what secrets Terminal can uncover in our guide: Share Pin Email. The Terminal app looks like an old-school computer screen with a command line and all text. When you open an application, format a USB flash drive, or search your computer using Spotlight, for example, these are basically executed Terminal commands that have been automated and given a graphical presentation to make their use simpler. When you're finished with the hidden files and folders you needed to see such as fixing a problem caused by some malware , it is good practice to return those files to a hidden state.

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Open Terminal. If you are using OS X Reversing the process used to show the files, these commands now return the files to a hidden state showing all is now "false" , and the Finder is restarted to reflect the change.

How to Show Hidden Files on Mac - Apple Mac Tutorial

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