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Forum threads popped up all over the major makeup subreddits with customers complaining that they couldn't even buy one tube of the highly promoted lipstick.


And it's the employees on the floor stuck dealing with the fallout. On glassdoor. It's difficult to prove that someone in the makeup world stole someone else's look. There's so much variation in the human face that an identical makeup job could appear completely different on two separate people. There's no way to prove that an idea was stolen, so makeup artists need to trust one another if they're going to keep posting their work in the public domain. We hope MAC finds a way to crack down on employees who steal looks from independent artists. At first, the idea of being compensated adequately for your work without having to worry about commissions sounds great.

You can focus on doing your best with each customer without pushing products that aren't right for them, and work on improving your own technique as you help each new consult find their best look. But according to former MAC employees on indeed. Many makeup artists joined MAC because, given the rigorous interview process and the philosophy promoted by the company, they assumed that artistry was valued over sales. Employees from the early s say that this was the case, but that over time, retail became more ingrained in the company's procedures.

Multiple former MAC makeup artists reported anonymously on reddit, glassdoor. Some stores allow their makeup artists to give consultations in front of a mirror with special lighting, but most of the time,. MAC customers report that their makeup artists would have them step outside the door into natural sunlight so they could complete the consultation!

MAC Cosmetics Employee Reviews

Fluorescent lighting doesn't do anyone good, but the filters the MAC store is putting on them are preventing their employees from seeing well enough to to their jobs. Unfortunately, this means that you'll be catering to people who make rude or even outright racist comments. One former employee of MAC reports that a coworker had her customer request another makeup artist specifically because she looked "Mexican.

Instead, she had to find a makeup artist with blonde hair to do a consultation with the customer who made the racist comment. We get that the customer is always right but come on, we're pretty sure you can get kicked out of a store for that kind of racism in this day and age. Doing a makeup consultation means getting up close and personal with your client, so you'd better hope that they've taken a shower that day.

One former MAC employee says that she had a customer who came in every three days with a botched and infected eyebrow tattoo. Not only were the eyebrows faded, they were also infected - her brows were flakey and scaly all around the tattooed area. Can you imagine keeping a straight face while applying brow liner on someone like that? Can't MAC give that makeup artist a medal or something?

Until China changed their cosmetics and drug safety standards, MAC cosmetics was a completely cruelty-free company. Now that cosmetics must undergo animal testing before they can enter the Chinese market, MAC has begun testing their products on animals. Often, they were interested in working at MAC because they remembered it being cruelty-free when they were younger and felt uncomfortable once they found out that this policy had been quietly overturned.

MAC has a reputation for allowing their makeup artists freedom in their personal appearance and their approach to consultations. They have a history of promoting bold styles of makeup and treating the practice as a form of art - which is why so many aspiring makeup artists flock to MAC stores.

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MAC artists soon find that it's impossible to give their full attention to each customer who comes in for a consultation, especially because they can't risk letting a customer leave a consult without buying product. Yearly job cuts target employees who have trouble meeting their sales goals. If an artist, no matter how talented, wants to keep working at MAC, he or she has to make sales.

Starting out at a MAC counter as a freelance makeup consultant or artist means that it's going to be almost impossible to get promoted to a management position, no matter how many hours you put in or how long you've been with the company. Former employees posted on Reddit, Glassdoor and Indeed about how they enjoyed working at MAC but eventually had to quit because they couldn't advance past an entry-level position.

MAC has rigid sales goals for each individual employee. There aren't many rewards for exceeding your sales goal, but there are tons of penalties for not moving enough MAC products. Failing to sell enough makeup can lead to an employee's hours being cut. At the end of each year, employees with low sales get laid off. It's a constant hustle to make the grade.

Complaints both by former employees and current customers indicate a slow decline in the quality of service at MAC counters. No wonder: A makeup artist applying to work at a MAC counter used to go through a rigorous interview where he or she had to create several looks on the spot using a selection of products chosen by the interviewer. People who went through the process report that it was completely nerve-wracking, but given MAC's reputation for excellence, entirely expected.

More recently, however, the focus has shifted from quality to quantity of sales. Was a very fun atmosphere to work in. I've met and maintained very good friendships within my time working here. MAC was like a family, there was very good support, and provided excellent training. The standards of work ethic, and multitasking have set me to always achieve and work to the best of my abilities since this job. Was this review helpful? A day at the work place. Learning different techniques from various artist. Multicultural environment.

Being able to work around creative artist. The hardest part i would say is to balance multiple clients at the same time. Welcoming and artistic enviroment. Very friendly and easy to make sales since customers are loyal and already love the brand. Co-workers are ready to teach and help when there is time available. Hardest part of the job is being independent with sales and memorizing every product use as that can take some time and independent study.

Overall nice experience, customers are happy when you know your stuff. Amazing place to work so much fun such great energy. Mac was an amazing company to work for! I learnt so much about myself, the industry and customer service while working there. I was able to grow personally and be a proud gay man while working in such an excepting environment.

Close knit crew. I learned to drive, manage small things, better time management.

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Crew can get really close knit once you start talking to people a bit. Terminal Manager at my particular branch in Calgary always took the crews opinion into account even if didnt seem like it. Supervisors and Lead-Hands were super friendly even in disciplining you. The hardest part is how rushed you felt due to pressure from above In our case we were contracted by CP The most enjoyable part was the days off if you wanted them.

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Horrible Management. Place is easy going and with good people, but management is all over the place. Shop bosses are on a power trip and yell constantly over nothing. No raises even after almost 1 yr, zero gratitude or appreciation shown to employees. They essentially got people working like robots plus a pretty obvious feeling you're just a number and profit to them.

Zero employee care. Benefits arent great but not bad. If you wanna work with them be prepared to not use your head, they dont like it when you do.

Yelled at constantly, boss has no clue what his techs are doing, management on power trip, wage is garbage, you name it. Place to work if you have no life. Not a place to work for if you are a student. As a part-timer, expect 3 hour shifts that interfere with your day. Managers like the workers that report everything to them. Upper management is rude. Lots of work politics that start in the back office.

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You are expected to reach these crazy sales goals but do not get rewarded if you surpass them. Not a place to work at if you are not committed to making MAC your life. Company needs adjusting, there isn't much room for growth beyond working artist positions in store. The product itself is easy to sell but goals are aggressive and high. Equal opportunity company.